Modeling Update

Just some photos from a few recent modeling shoots I've done. Enjoy.

Think Tank Photo Spectral™ Series Shoulder Bags

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have just announced a new line of shoulder bags for DSLR and mirrorless systems.  The new Spectral shoulder bags feature a Fidlock clasp that enables one-handed access to gear and then locks automatically when closing the flap. An additional zippered closure gives peace of mind while traveling and can be tucked away when actively shooting. Constructed with durable yet stylish materials, the Spectral Shoulder Bag offers Think Tank quality and ingenuity at a reasonable price.  

Don’t forget that when you use my URL you will receive free gear and free shipping with your order of all Think Tank gear, including the Spectrals.

Spectral 15 Low res.jpg

Think Tank dividers inside SKB hard cases!

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have just announced an exciting new partnership with hard-case manufacturer SKB.  Think Tank’s designers have created internal divider sets, organizers, and a backpack designed specifically to fit within 10 SKB hard cases. 

There are times when you simply have to airline gate-check your most precious photography equipment.  At moments like these, nothing will do a better job of protection than a hard case.  But one of the downsides of hard cases is that they are basically hard shells with not a lot of other features built into them. 

Think Tank’s partnership with SKB solves this problem.  The result is the best of a hard case with the best of internal organization. 

Don’t forget that with our special partnership with Think Tank that you receive free gear and free shipping when you order using THIS LINK.

Just A Small Rant About Gear

Really tired of people saying they can't take good photos because "their gear isn't good enough" and/or "new/better gear is too expensive".

Yes, the latest and greatest gear on the market is expensive but there is tons of older/ used gear on the market that is absolutely fantastic at a fraction of the cost.

For example I bought my 400 f2.8 AF-S (circa 2000) and 200-400 f4 VR (circa 2004) for $2500 each and they are both absolute tanks and function flawlessly.

Sorry to the Canon shooters out there because I can't help you out. For the Nikon shooters that are looking for longer lenses, if you have a body with a built in AF motor, you can pick up an old school 300 f4D AF lens for under $500 used.

Its a fantastic piece of glass that, despite being an AF lens, does a good job keeping up tracking subjects, is tack sharp, and has great color. You can check out a video I did about it HERE.

Here's one I took the other night with my 10 year old D3 and circa 1999 300 f4D.

Impromptu Couples Shoot

I was sitting in my office the other day when it was raining and looked out the door and saw this "couple" walking around in my back yard. I grabbed my D500 and 200-400 f4 and decided to take a few photos of them. Hope you enjoy.