USS Monterey Homecoming

After coming home from several deployments on a ship I finally had the opportunity to be on the other side of homecoming. Here are a few photos of the USS Monterey returning from a seven month deployment to the 5th and 6th Fleet area of responsibility. 

Harbor Park Baseball

Couple weekends ago I went down to Harbor Park for a weekend of baseball. One of the cool things was they had a high school game between Tallwood and Oscar Smith. Its really awesome to let high school teams play on a minor league field. Also ended up shooting a Tides game which is always entertaining to shoot.

Flying Pirate Half Marathon and First Flight 5K

Photographed the Flying Pirate Half Marathon and First Flight 5K a few weeks ago and just wanted to post a few of the photos from the races. Enjoy.

Miss ECSC 2018

Miss ECSC 2018 Preliminary Rounds actually started back in February but I failed to post an update on it, so here it is. The next round is actually coming up on May 12th if you want to come out and check it out in person. Check out the event information HERE

With that being said here are the contestants and winners from Round One at Peabody's.

Modeling Update

Just another modeling update from some recent studio work. Still hoping to get outside and do some shoots in the near future.

Modeling Update

Its starting to warm up in Virginia so Im hoping to get out of the studio and start shooting on location but here are a few more from recent shoots I've done in studio. Enjoy.

Modeling Update

Another modeling update from some of the recent studio work I've done. Enjoy.

Soccer Update

Just an update from two of the recent games I've shot. Enjoy

Modeling Update

Just wanted to post a couple photos from some recent shoots I've done. Enjoy.

Spring Sports (Finally)

After another long winter of indoor sports, I finally got to go outside and photograph a few soccer games. Looking forward to the nice weather and a lot of great games this spring. Enjoy.

MEAC Tournament Championship

As promised here are a few of the photos from the MEAC Championship games. Enjoy.

MEAC Tournament (Part 1)

Over the last week I've been covering the 2018 MEAC Tournament at the Scope Arena. Its been a fantastic tournament so far with great games and the updated lighting at the Scope have made it a much better time to actually photograph. Here are a few of the photos from the games during the week. Ill have a separate post with the photos from the Championship games. Enjoy

Modeling Update

Just a couple photos from recent modeling shoots I've done. Enjoy.

Wrestling Update

Only did a couple wrestling matches this year but I did cover a couple regional matches and the state championship. Here are a couple shots from the matches. Enjoy.

Basketball Update

Been shooting a lot of basketball lately and here are a few of the recent games I've done. Got to shoot a couple games at the Norfolk Scope which was pretty nice because of the new lighting that has been installed which is fantastic. Enjoy.

Modeling Update

Just a couple photos from two of the recent shoots I've done. Enjoy.

Puppy Bowl 2018

While most people were getting ready to watch the Super Bowl last weekend, there was a group of people that were getting ready to watch three puppies from Virginia Beach that participated in the 2018 Animal Planet Puppy Bowl. I got to go down to the Virginia Beach SPCA Puppy Bowl Tailgate Party and photograph the three local puppies for the newspaper. Enjoy.

Basketball Snapshot

Did a couple of basketball games in January and just wanted to share a couple of my favorite shots from those games. Enjoy

First Modeling Shoot of 2018

I took a break for about a month from doing any modeling photography 1) because I was moving to a new house and 2) I needed a break from doing shoots before I burned out going into 2018. With that being said, I did my first modeling shoot of 2018 a few weeks ago and and I think it turned out pretty good. Here are a few shots from that shoot. Enjoy.

First Sports of 2018

2018 has started out pretty busy for me shooting sports. Last weekend I ended up shooting two basketball games and wrestling. Besides the terrible lighting (except for Norfolk State) and the lack of places to shoot from, all three were pretty good but it reminded me how much I miss shooting outdoors. Here are a few shots from last weekend. Enjoy.