Brooks Institute to Close

After 70 years of photography education Brooks Institute will be closing its doors. Personally Im a self-taught photographer. I've never attended a single class about photography and learned everything I know through trial and error, studying the work of photographers I look up to, and yes even watching YouTube videos. Even with all that I still recognize that Brooks was one of the premier school to learn photography.

This is also leaves major questions, concerns, and a lot of financial issues for current students. While Brooks was one of the premier schools to learn photography from, it was not regionally accredited leaving its students most likely with limited option to transfer credits earned at the Brooks Institute. To many students this will most likely lead to both years of their lives and thousands of dollars wasted because they will have to start over at another school. 

Here's hoping that an agreement can be worked out to allow everyone currently attending Brooks to continue their education at a different school.

Here's the press release from Brooks' website:

Ventura, CA – Monday, August 15, 2016 – With deep regret, Brooks Institute today announced that after 70 years of training media and visual arts students, it will close its doors on October 31, 2016. Students, faculty, and staff were informed of the closing at a meeting with school representatives on the morning of August 12, 2016.
“Although we had hoped that we could reinvigorate Brooks Institute, recent changes in economic and regulatory conditions have had a significant, prolonged negative impact on the institution,” said Kristen Howard, Brooks Institute, Transition Officer. “Our tireless attempts to mitigate this impact through contraction, strategic planning and innovation were sadly unsuccessful.”
Brooks will cease enrolling new students immediately and will not resume teaching classes this fall. However, Brooks will continue to offer administrative and student services support through October 31.
About Brooks Institute
Founded 70 years ago, Brooks Institute educates students in the visual and media arts. Based in Ventura, California, Brooks offers bachelor’s degrees in fields including professional photography, graphic design, film and visual journalism. In addition, the institute offers a master of science in scientific and technological imaging and a master of fine arts in photography.
Green Planet, the parent company of Brooks Institute, purchased the company in June 2015.
For more information, contact: Kristen Howard,, 805-585-8010.
Press and Media Inquiries, please email