Getting it Right In Camera

Fair warning, this is going to be more of a rant. Recently I have seen what I feel is a disturbing increase in photographers making comments along the lines of "Ill just fix it in [insert editing software]." This is a terrible mentality to have. As a photographer it is imperative to get the photo as close to "perfect" in camera as you can get. This includes everything from exposure to composition and lighting. 

Now you might be thinking to yourself "He's just anti-Lightroom." On the contrary Im the exact opposite. Im a huge fan of Lightroom, Photoshop and other editing programs. With that being said Im a huge believer of using editing software to spice up and enhance photos,.

You can always lean on LR and PS to save you and fix your mistakes, or you could learn the how the exposure triangle and the Sunny 16 rule work and how to apply them so you don't have to rely on LR and PS to fix your mistakes before you even get a chance to spice the photos up and make them even better.

For an example if you're in a low light situation no matter what you HAVE to expose the image correctly. Even if that means pushing your ISO. A properly exposed high ISO image will look cleaner than a low ISO image that is underexposed and recovered in LR or PS.

On the flip side if you overexpose and the area is white you wont be able to save it because there is no details to recover. 

Yes there are always situations where you dont get everything right in camera and you have to save the image using LR or PS but that should be the exception not the rule.