White Balance and Color For Sports

I see a lot of comments and questions about white balance and colors in photos for sports. A lot of gyms and arenas have terrible lighting that causes a ton of color shift and problems in photos.

The easiest way I have found to "fix" this issue is by using a XRite Color Checker Passport. It has a grey card on one side and a color pallet on the other. I know I've talked about the colorchecker before but its hands down the best piece of gear I've ever purchased. 

When I get to a venue Im going to shoot at, before the game Ill walk out and set the color checker down and take a picture of both the grey card and the color pallet.

This way I can create a color profile in lightroom based on the lighting in the venue so all the colors and white balance look how it should. I honestly havent found a situation where the colorchecker hasn't helped out.

Here's a screen shot from a photo I took last night at the VHSL basketball tournament as well as the screen shot of the color checker passport.

The photo on the left is the straight out of camera photo. The photo on the right has been color and white balance matched using the color checker.

Ill also post one of the videos I've done before on how the colorchecker works. 

D500 w/ 70-200 f2.8, 1/1000, f3.2, ISO 6400