Camera Straps and BlackRapid Turn-In Program

So I happened to be on PetaPixel today and saw an article about a photographer using a Peak Design Capture system and about how it failed and the camera fell not once, but twice in a 30 minute period.

Now, personally I use BlackRapid straps and fortunately I've never had one fail on me before and dropped a camera. However, I have had them come loose and I've almost dropped a camera before but luckily I caught it before anything bad happened.

I dont want this video coming off as me bashing on Peak Design. I've personally never used the product so I dont know how good or bad the system works. I wanted to stress the importance of checking whatever camera strap you use, making sure it's functioning properly, and you know how to correctly use the strap. 

The second part is more of a coincidence and when I pulled up YouTube there was a video from BlackRapid that was posted a few days ago about their camera strap turn-in program. Basically (if you live in the US), you can mail BlackRapid your old strap, fill out a form online, and BlackRapid will give you a 40% off, one time use, code to buy anything from their online store.

Whats even more awesome is that the program is not only good for BlackRapid straps but any sling style strap from any manufacturer.  

Since this was too much of a coincidence for me I figured I should take the time and let everyone know.

You can read the article on PetaPixel here

Check out BlackRapid's Turn-In program here.