May 29th Photo News: Sigma 105 f1.4 price; Sony 400 f2.8 cover; D5 Firmware update; Sony vs Nikon

Sigma announced the 105 f1.4 DG HSM ART "Bokeh Master" will cost $1600 and will start shipping in late June. The Sigma 105 f1.4 boasts 17 optical elements in 12 groups including 3 FLD, 2 SLD, and 1 aspherical element.

It will have Sigma sport line level dust and splash proof design but I still dont think I would be taking it out in the rain. The 105 f1.4 will be available in Canon, Nikon, and Sigma mount. The Sony E-Mount version does not have a release date at this time.

Sony Artisan Patrick Murphy-Racey gave us a close up look at the new Sony 400 f2.8 G Master Lens. The 400mm lens was recently on display at the Kando 2.0 workshop. Unfortunately, it was in a sealed glass case. 

Murphy-Racey gave an up close look at all the buttons and switches including a small cover on the tripod collar. When he asked about the cover, Sony engineers said "Its a secret." The Sony 400 f2.8 is expected to be released in September 2018 but no price has been announced yet. Check out the video HERE


If you're a Nikon D5 user, Nikon released firmware update 1.30. Nikon added recall shooting which can recall previously saved exposure settings including shutter speed and aperture. Nikon says the feature could be used to switch quickly between scenes that require different exposures.

Im still testing the feature out, but if it works the way Nikon says it should it would be incredibly useful to event and wedding photographers when moving from indoor to outdoor locations and switching between two exposure settings with the push of a button.

The Slanted Lens released a comparison between the Sony a7RIII, Sony a7III, and Nikon D850. According to The Slanted Lens, Canon did not make the cut because they do not have a camera that competes in the price point. In the video they look at auto focus, resolution, ISO, exposure, picture profiles, and slow motion. Check out the video HERE.

According to B&H Photo's website, for a short time the D850 had an expected delivery date of January 1, 2100. B&H Photo said that date was an error and has since updated their website. So, if you're waiting to buy a D850, hopefully you won't be waiting 82 years.