Kingsmill LPGA Tournament

Went up to Kingsmill Resort for the LPGA Tournament but unfortunately the day that I was supposed to cover the tournament was rained out so I didn't get to photograph any of the actual tournament. Luckily there was some players practicing and I was able to get a few shots of the players on the practice green and at the driving range.

I was planning on making a VLOG about photographing the tournament but didn't get to do that like I was hoping. I got the first part of the VLOG filmed and was on my way to the tournament when I got an email saying it was cancelled. Since I was almost there I continued to head that way to see if I could get a few photos. 

There was a few golfers practicing in the rain, so I got a few photos then headed home and ended up just giving a few tips on covering golf. Check out the video below.